Barry’s Music-1. Last 20 years:4cds(45 songs) 2. The early years

Go to and to hear samples and purchase my best work! Bob helped produce and was the engineer on many of these tracks(4CDs-45tracks) Here are some samples about a minute long. If you dig the songs and want to hear more samples or to hear the full version, go to the above mentioned websites and buy the CDs. Thank you for your support!

2020-Trust Your Wingman


Final Game
Quiet Resistance
I Like It
Kinda Like That

Comin Down
All The Way to the Sun
Face Down

Stone Sour Sunday Mother
Happy Melancholy

Ode to the Sun
So Weird
60, 20, 30, 40
Stay Away

Full length songs-(Before 2003) My first song I wrote was a collaboration in my basement with friends(this recording was lost) and later in my brother’s bedroom we wrote some very silly songs using the top of a dresser for the drums! Eventually I took it more seriously and brought in other talented musicians to write songs on a 4track recorder. (Bob however, did not perform on any of these). However corny these songs were there was a lot of energy and thought invested in them. “The first ones in particular are just like I imagined them.” Check out Barry’s early style here! (1990-2002)

Trickle Down Theory (probably my best attempt during the early years)
Foolish Man
One Touch
Scary Wonderful

Attempting to develop a more progressive and heavier sound

Waking Up
Spirit Water (Live). A rough take that was developed more later
Down Some Corridor
Regal Aim