Bob’s Music

Bob began writing/arranging songs in high school and he continued writing while he lived in Texas & Chicago. He kept right on writing when he moved back to the Port Huron area. These songs include some other talented musicians as well. Check out Bob’s style here, Some of this dates back to the 70s, 80s & 90s so put on your old school hat.
The most important thing is we always had fun!

Everything has Value
(if you were alive in the sixties you’ll be a lot more likely to get the gist of this song)
Evil Storm
This was just for fun, but it does sound like a pretty evil storm
this one is pretty cool
Oren Fisher props, he did all the work
oxymoron I know
Smell of Freedom
more stuff just for fun
experimental, mixing genres
I don’t wanna
I don’t wanna work anymore ..
Private Fears
This one is more personal and a look into my darker issues
Take Me Home
We’ve all thought it
Can’t really explain this one,
This That and the Other
Name out front should have told you; a bunch of jumbled ideas and rambling
Sequential Stroll
boring stroll in the park except for piano solo somewhere in there, also of note the bass was played on a Strat
New Today
nothing is new today, so kind of boring day, but something is haunting
Lookin’ in the Mirror
We’re more alike than different
Just plain weird music in 5/4 (mostly,)
some 4/4 measures thrown in to keep you paying attention
I love playing in odd times signatures, it’s fun
This one is 7/4, the above song is 5/4
If you jump over to the Bob & Barry page 3 Forks is 11/8 🙂
Cold City
What it feels like to live in the big cold city, this one is really old
‘Round Here
Old experimental stuff 🙂

Found this old thing

Tacky Teaser
probably the first song I actually put pen to paper and wrote.
Originally written for a small jazz band (and performed as such), I eventually made it into a GM sequence which is what is shown here
I was 17 or so at the time